Antique Auctioneer Catherine Southon

Catherine Southon is a British antique expert and a well-known television presenter. She has appeared in many BBC programs as an antique expert. This antique expert and auctioneer have made some appearances in BBC network in the show of Bargain Hunt. She has been quite active in television for over a decade now.

Who is Catherine Southon married to? Meet her husband

Catherine Southon, the antique woman, is married and has been married for quite some time now. Although little is known about when she got married, the truth is she has been married for some time now.

We have not been able to establish the name of his husband, what he does for a living and how old is he. Catherine’s husband has maintained a low public profile, and we have not been able to unravel his identity. Catherine has never appeared anywhere publicly with her husband.  The couple, however, has two kids together.

Catherine Southon Net Worth is $5 Million.

Catherine Southon has achieved success in his career. She has made a fortune in her career. Her active roles in television as a presenter and here numerous appearances in television shows has earned her fortune. She is also an antique expert making a considerable amount of cash in her field of profession.

Catherine has a net worth of approximately $5 million. Although she is a very secretive woman, many sources have been able to work out her net worth.

Catherine’s Southon primary source of income is through her active role in television and also the tv shows that she has debuted in. She has been able to accumulate this through her many years in television and her dedication to the antique business.

Catherine Southon Net Worth is $5 Million
Caption:- Catherine Southon Net Worth is $5 Million


Catherine career began when she started working with Sothebys Bond Street, and her role was cataloging sales of antiques. She was then promoted to be the head of scientific instruments and maritime works art.

After making a name for herself in Sotheby’s, Catherine took into television where she landed on BBC, and she became a well known antique expert.

She has appeared in several television shows since then. The shows include Bargain Hunt, Flog It!,  Antiques Road Trip and Trade Secrets. She also made appearance on the television show called Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Antique Auctioneer Catherine Southon showing antique
Caption:- Antique Auctioneer Catherine Southon Wiki Bio

Wiki Bio

Catherine Southon was born in 1972. She is 46 years old. Little is known about heer date birth, place of birth neither are her parents. As a young girl, she always wanted to be a historian, and that is she choose to be an antique expert. She is married and has two children.

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  1. Having just seen Catherine in Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is dressed in a black dress with large pink spots and was blown away, what a beauty and I found the mere sight of her walking along in the dress quite exciting, her husband is a really lucky man,Bill

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