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In a century when technology is all over, and some of us couldn’t imagine a life without a smartphone, are still people looking for adventure and for the love of nature they quit a comfortable life and choose to live in a middle of nowhere. Likewise, Charlotte Klicher, the cast of Alaska: The Last Frontier TV series, choose to move to Alaska back in 1978, to work as a wildlife biologist. Since then she never looks to miss her previous life back in Northern California. Let’s find out about Charlotte Kilcher in her wiki type biography including age, net worth, Husband, kids and other personal information.

Charlotte Kilcher husband and married life

Charlotte and Otto, her current husband, met in South-central Alaska when both were there to help clear up the environmental disaster caused by the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

After falling in love, Charlotte and Otto start a new adventure together: building a family and life on the homestead. Before came to Alaska she was married and had one son, Torrey. She kept all the information about her previous marriage and husband, private, but apparently, they were still married when she decided to move to Alaska.

Beautiful Couple: Charlotte Kilcher and Otto Kilcher
Charlotte Kilcher with her husband Otto

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Son of Atz Kilcher, Otto Kilcher was married twice before Charlotte, but none of his previous wives could embrace his passion for nature and wildlife. With Charlotte, things had been different and seemed they have a happy life together and a marriage that lasts over 20 years. The excitement and entertainment of her husband, and surrounded by nature’s awesome beauty, She is no doubt very grateful every day for the unique lifestyle they share on the homestead.

Charlotte Kilcher Net Worth

At the moment, appreciating the self-sufficient life the Kilcher’s lead, she focuses on gardening, raising chickens and ducks for eggs, beekeeping and milking the cow contributing to the family food supply.

However, Charlotte Kilcher and her husband Otto Kilcher have an estimated net worth around $4 million. Otto has his own business as mechanic and machinist, and this is an important source of their income. Also, since they became famous through the TV series “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” Kilcher family earned a consistent amount from this show too.

Charlotte Kilcher and Otto Kilcher net worth is $4 Million
Charlotte Kilcher and Otto Kilcher net worth is $4 Million

Charlotte Kilcher children

From her previous marriage, Charlotte has one son, Torrey. Otto also has two children from his previous marriage, Eivin Kilcher, and Levi Kilcher.  The only son of the pair is August Klicher. So together have four children, and they are their greatest joy.  Three of them, Torrey, Eivin, and Levi are married and have their own family. There is no information about the marital status of August, but it seems he is not married yet.

Mother and Son Duo: Charlotte Kilcher and her son August Kilcher
Charlotte Kilcher with her son August

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 Is Charlotte Kilcher Eivin mother?                                   

Eivin Kilcher is Otto’s son by a former wife, Sharon McKemie. They had two children: Eivin and Levi.  In a Facebook post from 29th of January 2015, Eve Kilcher, Eivin wife, explain the relationships between the four brothers.  According to this, Levi is Eivin’s only full brother, both sons of Sharon and Otto. Apparently, Otto’s former wife still lives close to the homestead and is very close to the family.

Charlotte Kilcher Wiki-bio including age

Name: Charlotte Irene Kilcher (former Adamson)

Birth Date: no information available

Age: around 60

Place of birth: possibly Berkeley, California where she grew up

Children: biological two sons, Torrey and August. Stepsons Levi and Eivin

Profession: Biologist

Marital status: Married with Otto Kilcher

Lives in: Homer, Alaska

Along with Kilcher family, she seems well- adapted and happy in the harsh climate of Alaska and even if they don’t have heating facilities she copes with the cold winters. Besides all of that she apparently is happy with this life even if she doesn’t have contact with the modern world.

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  1. Charlotte, do you have any desire to transport some of those beautiful cows we saw on your trip to Switzerland? They were so beautiful and unusual. I know that you love your cows, so I thought it might be fun and bring the memories of Switzerland.

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