Danielle Colby

American Television Personality and Burlesque Danielle Colby has impressed a lot of people through her dancing skills and charisma. Over the years, though her career she has earned not only fame but has also been able to grow herself and increase her net worth.

She is currently celebrating two years of marriage with her current husband; Jeremy Scheuch. To many Dancing is just a hobby, she, however, chose to make a living out of her hobby and Talent.

American Picker Danielle Colby Net worth & Salary

At a very tender age, she had a strong interest in dancing, drama and musical arts. Her talent in dancing grew over time and eventually she was able to make a career out of her talent. Danielle Colby Cushman has a Net Worth of $1.4 million as of 2017.

She began working as a dancer in Burlesque, a dramatic and musical work center. It was during her period as a burlesque dancer that she met Margaret Cho a stand- up comedian and exotic dancer. The two later collaborated and decided to work together as dancers. This was just the beginning of her career, she, later on, moved with her family to Quad Cities where she now fully focused her profession as a burlesque dancer as Danner diesel on stage.

Danielle Colby Net worth is $1.4 Million  Danielle Colby Net worth is $1.4 Million

As time moved she grew her career and was able to open her own Burlesque dance Academy “Danner Diesel’s Bump and Grind Academy”. She didn’t stop at just being a dancer and an actor she is also a fashion designer owning her own fashion line ‘4 miles, 2 Memphis’. It’s said Talent hard work and passion are the main keys to success and Danielle road to a net worth of $1.4 Million is a perfect description.

Is Danielle Colby Married to a Husband? Any Kids?

Danielle Colby married life began in 2004 when he married Kevin Colby. The couple were happily married and even had two children together. Due to undisclosed reasons, Danielle and Kevin were separated by distance.

Danielle Colby and Her Boyfriend Jeremy Scheuch in Chicago
              Danielle Colby and Jeremy Scheuch on Chicago Tweet by Jeremy Scheuch

Source: Twitter.com/Jeremyscheuch

Being in a long distance relationship wasn’t each for any one of them. They finally separated and Danielle got married to Alexander de Meyer, their marriage didn’t stay for too long before coming to end.

After being single for a while  She met Jeremy Scheuch, the two fell in love and got married. Danielle and Jeremy are currently celebrating their second year of into their marriage.

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