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Social media has now become accessible on the tip of the finger. It has moreover provided a platform for the budding artists, and many people have become a celebrity just by utilizing the benefits of the platform. Emily Riedel is also one of such a social media born star, who rose to fame as a rising reality television star and with the growing popularity, she is gathering fans and followers. Her fans, however, are still unaware of the life of this star beyond the social media.

So, today, we bring you all the details you probably do not know about Emily Riedel, from her wiki-bio, net worth, married to her husband.

Bering sea  gold cast Emily Riedel  net worth & salary:

Emily is the only female gold digger on the Show. She earned $180,000 in Season 4. Her  Net Worth is now over $250,000 in gold and cash made from Becoming a Reality TV Star.

Emily Riedel's net worth is $250,000
Emily Riedel’s net worth is $250,000

Emily Riedel is not married. She had a dating relationship with Boyfriend Zeke Tenhoff.

Emily Riedel is currently single. She has never been married, she was previously dating  Zeke Tenhoff. Emily Riedel always has a busy schedule and that could probably explain why she hasn’t had much of a history with relationships.

She describes her relationship with ex-boyfriend Zeke to be tenuous. It has been a relationship that was full of tension and drama. She says she constantly asks herself whether all of the drama and tension is actually worth it.

Emily Riedel had a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Zeke Tenhoff
Emily Riedel dated her boyfriend Zeke Tenhoff

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She trusts Zeke. She believes that unlike other miners, he would not wish for her to fail.He has her best interests at heart.She always hoped for their relationship to get better, but it only just worsened over time.

She always hoped for their relationship to get better, but it only just worsened over time.She tried to work the relationship out in an effort for them to be friends. However, too much disappointment, it never ended the way she wanted it to.

Emily Riedel: Family

Not much has been mentioned about the star’s parents but Emily works side by side with her father in the family business of gold mining.

She was recently heard stating that she would rather work with Zeke than her father. She says that she finds it difficult to understand her dad, she doesn’t have such an easy time with him. Her dad is seen as an awesome father and he is very caring towards her.

She further adds on that she cares a lot about her father, on a deep level. She hopes that her father will reach his goal of being a successful gold miner soon. She says that her father works hard for his success and deserves to achieve his success.

Emily Riedel’s Wiki-bio: age and more

She is a reality television star who is a gold miner on Bering Sea Gold. Currently, Emily Riedel’s net worth is estimated to be $250 000.She was born on July 4, 1988, and is currently 29 years of age. Her father is known as Steve Riedel.

Her official wiki page does not exist.

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