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Its everyone’s dream to find what or who makes them happy, Shaun T and Scott Blokker found their happiness in each other. Having realized that he was homosexual Scott found it difficult to accept himself until when he met Shaun who encouraged him to see the positive side of being Gay. They later got married on October 13th, 2012. Shaun a fitness instructor and Scott, a model, are one happy couple that will amaze you at how they complement each other through their amazing story and cute pictures.

Shaun T is Gay and Married to husband Scott Blokker

Despite being proud of his sexuality, he never came out publicly as gay. He wasn’t bidding just not open to everyone. When Shaun and Scott met and found they had a community preference they developed their relationship from their new found love and began dating.

Shaun helped Scott himself as a homosexual as they kept on dating and creating memories. Later on October 13th, 2012, Scott Blokker and Shaun Thompson got married.

Gay Couple: Shaun T and partner Scott Blokker
Shaun T married to his husband Scott Blokker in 2012

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The happy couple went ahead to share their cute photos with their followers onto their social media account. It was then that Shaun announced to his Twitter followers about his marriage to Scott. This was the first time that he publicly came out as a homosexual.

Shaun T gay and says being gay kept him fit

Everyone has a reason to getting fit and maintaining his/her fitness, Shaun T is no exception to this category. He too had various reasons to join the fitness world and stay fit. According to Shaun, he developed a keen interest in fitness when he was a dancer in college.

He, later on, moved into the fitness field and turned it into a full-time career. His core objective of being and staying fit is the fact that he is gay, this isn’t surprising most gay personalities find a real interest in keeping fit at all times. He goes ahead to explain the critical traits in keeping fit,

 First thing Trust and Believe in the process, if you are going through a program, question its potential from the fact that doubt will hold you back

Scott Blokker – Bio, Net worth.

Shaun’s husband, Scott Blokker is a model. However, he struggled to accept his sexuality until the moment he met Shaun. Scott was born in New York but later on moved to Seattle where he and his brother were raised by their parents. Scott was very active in his childhood, participating in multiple sports while still in high school and college.

His flexibility in sports landed him a career as a professional soccer player for 6years. He resigned in 2000 and began working for his family’s company. After working for a while in the company, Scott decided to move to New York and pursue modeling as his new found career.

It was during his stay in New York that Scott met Shaun. According to Scott, he explains that earlier on he found it difficult to accept himself and this led him to inner self-resentment.

Scott Blokker’s Net Worth is estimated to be $100,00.

Shaun T shirtless image with Scott Blokker
Scott Blokker with his fitness/life partner Shaun T

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He states on Shaun T Fitness;

 it wasn’t until I met Shaun and his amazing self that I learned that being gay was amazing because I was being ME………a genuine ME”. Shaun and Scott began dating and after a while, the two got married in October 2012.

Shaun T Wiki Bio

Name Shaun Thompson Blokker
Birthday May 2nd, 1978 (39)
Birthplace Deptford New Jersey,
Occupation Fitness trainer, Motivational speaker
Spouse (husband) Scott Blokker
Height  6 ft
Weight  80 kg

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