Dave Turin had been in the Gold Rush reality television show for seven years. The television personality had made debut in more than six episodes of the show. He had developed a big fan base in the show and had also made a fortune. However, the veteran actor has left Gold Rush. Dave who is 58 years old left the show sometimes last year.

Why did Dave Turin leave Gold Rush? What happened?

For the show lovers of Gold Rush, you might have noticed that the veteran actor Dave did not appear in season seven of the show. Many people who have been following the show have been asking themselves where is their favorite Miner Dave. Well, here is the story.

Dave Turin left the show of Gold Rush sometimes in March last year. There were some disagreements between Dave and another cast in the show. The conflict escalated until he was a fist fight. Dave disagreed with one of the crews whom they have been working together for quite some time. The man in question is Trey Poulson, a fellow cast.

It is not yet clear as to what led to the two to reach the extent of publicly fighting. However,  Dave distance himself from the feud and put all blame on Trey. In his Facebook post, Dave posted that he was no longer not going to work with Trey because he could not solve issues amicably.

Dave Turin with fellow members of the Gold Rush Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra
Dave Turin with fellow members of the Gold Rush Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra

His new show. What is he working on now?

It appears the fall out between Dave and Trey in the Gold Rush show didn’t go well with most of his diehard fans. Dave had cultivated enormous support and fan base during his seven-year appearance in Gold Rush television series aired on Discovery Channel.

As a result of this dissatisfaction among his fans, Dave is now back. Though he is not back on Gold Rush Rush series, he is now back on his show. A video was uploaded to YouTube showing Dave with a completely different crew altogether. In the video, Dave is seen with his crew mining gold in undesignated place. Dave is currently working on gold mining but with new crew whom he has built, and he looks happy and at home.

Any chances of getting back to Gold Rush?

Dave Turin new show

It appears Dave Turin has made his mind totally about getting back on the show of Gold Rush. According to many of his Facebook posts, Dave is currently on the move to look for his show.

In one Facebook post, Dave who is currently back on the mining venture hinted that he his talking with some producers in trying his television show. So it appears there is turning back for Dave Turin to his former show.

Now you know what happened to Dave Turin and why he left the show, Gold Rush. Do you want to see Dave Turin New Show? leave us a comment.

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3 thoughts on “What Happened to Dave Turin? Why did Dave Turin Leave Gold Rush? His New Show.”
  1. No I wouldn’t be interested in watching anymore of the gold rush,I was a big fan but they have it figured out now. The hook was watching guys who didn’t know what they were doing deal with growing pains and we as a everyday joe could relate but Parker figured it out first it just a matter of time before they all figure it out and it’s just becomes a regular day at work.

  2. Dave was and is the best man for the job, give him his own show and I know about 70 to 80 families that would be watching every week.

  3. Yes, would love to see Dave succeed! Todd was an idiot and held the whole mining operation back!…Todd is what/who made their show fail!…Put Dozier Dave back in competition with Parker and the foul mouthed Tony!

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