Jane Kilcher is one of the famous characters of the reality TV show “Alaska: the last frontier.” She originally comes from Homer, Alaska. Now she is married to Atz Lee Kilcher, who is also the main character of the same tv show.  Here we have revealed her net worth, age, and kids in Jane Kilcher’s Wikipedia type bio.

Jane Kilcher Children:

People watching the show realizes that the couple hasn’t revealed anything about their kids. So people often keep on asking if Jane Kilcher has any kids. The answer is yes. Yes, they do have children. But for some good reasons they have decided to keep their kids away from the limelight.

Officially they haven’t revealed why they are so strict about their kids’ public appearance, but we speculate that they want to keep, their children away from social media trolls. That’s what good parents would do, right?

According to some reliable, sources the couple have two teenage kids.

She has posted a picture of her daughter on Twitter. The picture isn’t the recent one but her caption on the image indicates that now her daughter is already a teenager.

Jane Kilcher with her daughter
Caption: Jane Kilcher Kid daughter.

Age: How old is Jane Kilcher? When is her birthday?

Jane Kilcher’s age is 42 years old as of 2017. Her date of birth is 1975, September 14. How do we know? Well, she has posted a photo of her and Charlotte Kilcher on her birthday. See for yourself.

jane kilcher on her birthday with Charlotte kilcher
Jane Kilcher is 42 years of age. She posted her birthday picture on facebook.

At this age, she is still as beautiful as she ever was.

Jane Kilcher Wikipedia-Biography.

She no doubt has a fair share of her stardom in the Hollywood industry. She is the well-known character of a popular tv show, and no doubt have a lot of fans and supporters out there.

Despite all her fame and stardom Jane Kilcher Wikipedia page doesn’t yet exist. But hey you shouldn’t worry, we have done our extensive research and gathered every detail related to her and presented here in Wikipedia type biography.

Apart from being a reality tv star and a commercial fisherman, she is also a musician. Below is the video of her playing the piano.

In an interview, she said she never thought she would be a tv star. If she hadn’t married Atz Lee, she would have pursued her career in music other than fishing and hunting.

Jane Kilcher net worth

Before getting married to her husband Atz Lee, she was a commercial fisherman. So it doesn’t take a genius to know that she already had a good income to add to her net worth before she came to fame as a reality tv star. As of 2017, Jane Kilcher’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

Her husband is also a hardworking person and has been playing one among many lead roles, so the Jane and Atz Lee Kilcher’s net worth sums up to be close to $2, Million.

The couple spends most of the time on hunting and fishing, so their expenses are pretty low, so whatever they earn, they add them to increase their net worth.

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9 thoughts on “Jane Kilcher Wikipedia-Bio: Kids, Age, Net Worth”
  1. Ive enjoyed this show but now I know its rigged I cant believe how gullible I’ve been. I really felt for the carectors in their various situations .Now I know its a fairy tale Im sad

  2. now I understand janes sarcasm. when they were pulling out the snow blower. she said they should just be able to go out to the snow blower and drive it away. thats because she has common sense , and knows,( make a rough life simpler) that what you use your money for .. reliable easy to use survival equipment.. I live in north idaho. I bought a log split er and drag a mobile home frame behind my 3/4 ton 1977 chevy 4×4. to plow snow. I heat with fire wood. I drive a 2007 Subaru forester to town 30 min drive or 1 1/2 hours to the main city, lewiston Idaho. I bought the Subaru with a blown engine. I bought a new engine and installed it my self. thats just the way us mountain men are . the women that stand with us understand that. if it still works we hang on to it. just like our women , we dont trade in in for a newer model.

  3. I enjoy this show immensely. I don’t know how they can rig it except maybe do a little bit more then they really do. But since they do this stuff on camera they have the knowledge and want to spread it. I would love to go visit this Homestead but that is clearly never going to happen. So I am content and watching this amazing family keep up the traditions of Jule Kilcher

  4. I love the show…they come regularly into my home, so you feel like they’re your neighbors.
    Jane and the other young woman are so lovely. I often wonder how they keep their complexions so pretty, since they do live in harsh conditions so many months of the year.
    They may be sitting on a gold mind if they’re using special creams from or any products we haven’t heard about.
    Share the secrets, and make us some to buy, if this is the case?
    God bless them all.

  5. I couldn’t agree more Cathy, the women on the show are very beautiful and the men ruggedly handsome! I cannot imagine them using store bought creams and lotions as there are so many things in nature that will keep your complexion looking good throughout the ages and things in Alaska are very expensive and hard to come by. I absolutely adore this show and I don’t know how in the world it could possibly be rigged and it doesn’t appear that yvonne is going to offer an explanation for her post yet I could care less about her opinion as it is just one of many. I love how the family lives as I grew up on a huge several thousand acre farm. I too love the outdoors, hunting, Fishing, gardening and all that country entails. I know there are vast differences however as I live close to grocery stores that have meat and other Sundries readily available and the most important part, it’s not freezing cold! I’m very glad that the Kilchers are on the air and I look forward to seeing them and the beautiful Alaskan wilderness weekly and hope they will continue to be on for years to come!

  6. We love the show & watch it every week. Jane can do anything. She’s amazing & I love how she won’t take any bull from any of the men. Plus she seems to be the only woman that always shows up for all the hard work (men’s work). and the one with the most common sense. Jane’s #1.

  7. I enjoy the show a great deal they do live the life andbpracticecwhst is shown on the show The only thing for viewers to realize is each couple are millionaires the only thing I don’t like is they make viewers feel they have to hunt to survive etc which is not true

  8. Yeah I agree that Jane is a tough and fine lady. But I bet she is hard to live with. She doesn’t show much affection to Atz lee … has anyone noticed? What ever happened to Atz lees goal of building another cabin? Does that mean he needs to get away from Jane or what?They never followed up or I missed that episode. Sometimes a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.

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