Eivin Kilcher’s brother Levi Kilcher has appeared alongside the Kilcher’s in the reality television show Alaska The Last Frontier that is debuted on Discovery Channel. The young man with outstanding talent and capabilities is doing good in the show. He has appeared in some few episodes of the show, and he has built a strong fan foundation in his career.

Net worth

Levi Kilcher has appeared in just a few episodes of the show. The show which has produced many episodes so far has been greatly received by the audience in the States. However, Levi is just but a newcomer in the show and has appeared in some few episodes of the show. Well, he will be making real much more appearances in the near future.

The net worth of Levi Kilcher remains unconfirmed. The young cast has kept his net worth a secret. The fact that he recently made debut in the show is a clear proof that is net worth is still quite small unlike other members of the Kilcher family. With many more episodes coming on the way, it is clear that Levi will make a kill.

Eivin Kilcher’s brother Levi Kilcher

Married to a wife?

Levi Kilcher has maintained a very secretive life. Little information about his personal life has remained unknown. We have not therefore been able to establish whether the young reality television personality is married or not. He has kept his dating life a very secret affair, and we have not even managed to know whether he is dating anyone at the moment.

The young boy who recently joined the crew is doing well though he has appeared in fewer episodes. However, in case of any information regarding whether he is married, we shall be here to update you.  Might take some time but eventually, the information will be out.


Levi Kilcher and his parents Sharon and Otto

Levi is the son of Sharon McKemie and Otto Kilcher. It is worth noting that Levi’s brother has been married thrice and Levi was born in his second marriage. Levi is a brother to Eivin Kilcher.

The duo has half-brothers born to their father in his subsequent marriages. Levi is half-brother to August who is the son of Sharon and Otto.

The boys also have another half-brother named Torrey. Torrey is the son of Sharon Charlotte born in her first marriage before marrying Otto Kilcher.

Considering their complicated family, it is good to note that the boys are living happily together and they consider themselves brothers.

Wiki Biography

Levi Kilcher

It is not clear as to when Levi was born. The exact date of birth and the year remains unknown.  The educational background of Levi also remains unknown. However, he might have been born in the 1980s before the divorce of his parents in 1987. He is the third born of his mother Sharon Charlotte and his father, Otto Kilcher.

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