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Penn and Teller are made up of two seasoned magicians and longtime friends. Their real name is Penn Jillette and Raymond Joseph Teller. The two have been performing magic and entertainment in the American industry since the late 1970s. Their actions on the podium are composed of comedy and magic which they combine to produce a very entertaining show. Apart from performing on the stage, the duo has also been featured on many television shows. Today, we are about to reveal greatest magicians Penn and Teller’s Net Worth. And a little spoiler, after you see this you might want to change your career because looks like magic stuff pay well. Very well.

Penn and Teller Net worth 2018

The two longtime buddies have been performing in the podium since 1975 when they were still in their youthful years. They have made many appearances together since then. Unlike many groups who then to part ways after some time together, Penn and Teller have maintained their longtime friendship. It is therefore prudent to say that the two buddies have made a fortune in their career.

These two magicians have a lot in their bank account. Together, Penn and Teller have a net worth of approximately $300 million. Well, considering the many years that they have been in the industry, then this net worth is just a reward for their hard work.

Caption:- Penn and Teller together they have net worth of $300 Million

Penn and Teller have made all this money through the over 50 years in the entertainment industry. In fact, they are still active up to date. Their main source of income is through their stage performance, and also the many television shows that they have featured in.

The net worth of each of them has been broken down. Obviously, even though the two have been sharing the stage for over 50 years, we can’t expect them to have an equal sum of money.

Teller Net Worth is salary
Caption:- Teller Net Worth is Around $175 Million

Although they have a common profession and appear on the hit tv show looks like they have different business going on at the back of the tv screen. Teller has a net worth of $ 175 million dollars. On the other hand, his friend and fellow magician, Penn Jillette has a net worth estimated to be $125 million.

Penn Jillette's alone Net Worth
Penn Jillette’s Net Worth is Approximately $125 million

Penn and Teller Gay? Know about their Relationship status

In the recent past, many people had alleged that the two old friends are gays. Well, we have not been able to establish where the rumor mushroomed from. But maybe some people came up with the rumor after seeing that the two friends have clung to each other for such a long time.

Penn-Teller with amazing tricks and funny expressions
Caption:- Both of them Have A happy married life

We can now confidently confirm that this allegation was a mere rumor and there is nothing of the sort going on between the two magicians. Penn is a married man.

Penn Jillette Huging Wife Emily Zolten
Caption:- Penn Jillette With Wife Emily Zolten

Source:- dailymail

He has been married for quite some time now to longtime wife. His wife is called Ez. The couple has two kids together, a daughter Moxie Crimefighter who is 12 years old and a son Zolten Penn who is 11. The family lives together in Las Vegas.

Penn Jillette & Teller with Penn's family
Caption:- Penn Jillette & Teller with Penn’s wife Emily Zolten their son Zolten Penn & daughter Moxie Crimefighter

Source:- Zimbio

Teller on the other man is quite a mysterious man just like his magic. He is neither dating anyone nor married at the moment. Teller has no kids, and his dating history also remains a big

So now you know Comedian and Magician duo Penn and Teller Net worth.

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