Amy Assiter

Amy Assiter is one of the most talented and most gifted women auctioneers. She joined auctioneering in 1998 and had never looked back since then. Her role as a woman auctioneer as seen her received many accolades and recognition in the United States and virtually Europe in general. She has mentored many upcoming women auctioneers including her own daughter, Julia Spark.

What happens to Barrett-Jackson auctioneer Amy Assiter? Why did she leave Barrett-Jackson?

Well, Amy Assiter worked for Barrett-Jackson auctioneers for quite some time. She joined the Barrett-Jackson auctioneers in 2002 and has been one of the biggest women auctioneers in the organization. She had achieved a lot of success and recognition as Barrett-Jackson auctioneer.  She has been with the Barrett-Jackson with her husband Spanky Assiter, and they had laid a strong foundation. However, the sultry, charming and talented auctioneer, Amy is no longer with the Barrett-Jackson.

But why did she leave Barrett-Jackson? Many issues have been fronted giving reasons as to why Amy Assiter left Barrett-Jackson. However, the departure of Amy Assiter has been widely viewed that it was catapulted by the departure of her husband, Spanky Assiter. Reliable information says that the duo left after a small disagreement on terms of the contract. Both Barrett-Jackson and Amy Assiter and her husband have not confirmed this yet. But the truth of the matter is that they have both left.

Amy Assiter with her husband Spanky Assiter
Caption:- Amy Assiter with her husband, Spanky Assiter

The duo has been a matching pair in the show and maybe when Spanky Assiter left, Amy Assiter her wife saw no need of still staying with the Barrett-Jackson. Just maybe!

Where is she now and what is she doing?

After leaving the Barrett- Jackson, Amy Assiter is still active in auctioneering. She has ventured into many other auctioneering ventures. She is currently engulfed in two key auctioneering ventures that have seen her maintain her activity in the field.

Amy Assiter has joined her husband Spanky Assiter in Texas for old cars auctioneering. She is currently her husbands personal assistant, and they are doing just good. Amy Assiter has also joined hands to raise money for a charity drive with her daughter, Julia Spark. The duo is also making some bid of auctioneering so that they can get some cash to run a charity organization aimed at helping military families.

Amy Assiter is now on Texas with her husband
Caption:- Amy Assiter is now in Texas with her husband

Short Bio

Amy Assiter, 49 is an American auctioneer.  She started venturing into full time auctioneering as a career in 1998 and has achieved considerable success. Amy is also is also a musician and was introduced to music when she was a young girl by her father. She has composed an album of country music, and she is using the money from her music for a charity organization.

Amy Assiter is American auctioneer and her age is 49
Caption:- Amy Assiter is American auctioneer, and her age is 49

Amy Assiter is also a mother. She got married officially in 2004 to Spanky Assiter, and the couple has three daughters together. The family currently lives in Canyon where they are still auctioneers.

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